Over the years, relocating to European countries has been a dream for a lot of people especially if your reasons are for job or career, business, adventure, starting a new life, family reunion or whatsoever your reasons might be. But if your reason is a search for job, I can assure you, you are not alone. Thousands of people move each year to European countries for better jobs and opportunities. Who wouldn’t do that if you had the opportunity to do so, we all want a better life, right!

Finding a job can be a really difficult exercise most especially if you are planning to relocate to Europe in search of a new job. With the right map in your hand and with a good guide, you are sure of finding that hidden treasure or whatever it is you are looking for.

There are multiple job opportunities available for foreigners in European countries. Most popular job categories are accounting, administrative and clerical, banking, cleaning and housekeeping, construction, engineering, customer service, health, medical and fitness, human resource, hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, sales, marketing, supply chain and warehousing. Anyone who is an expert in these fields or with a professional experience or skill can make a sound income from the opportunities available.

Anyone who is an expert in these fields or with a professional experience or skill can make a sound income from the opportunities available.

As vast as Europe could be, one thing that must be duly considered before relocating is the availability of jobs in the country you intend to relocate to. With the right information in hand, you can make the best choice of the European country that meets your needs and desires. This blog post hopes to give you a general insight of the ten European countries with the easiest access to jobs. However, further enquires may be needed on your part to make a decision about your dream European country of your choice.

Now, let us get into it and discover the countries you can get jobs easily in Europe without hassle;


If you’re looking for the easiest country in Europe to get a job in, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve made the right decision if Malta is at the top of your list. It is a great place to be and living in Malta is very much affordable. It helps that the cost of living remains one of the lowest in Europe, with groceries, furniture and utilities amongst the cheapest in the EU. It currently has the highest employment rate in Europe. Nevertheless, it is known for its Pretty Island and mind-blowing architectural sites.


Talking of great countries in Europe to get a job, never forget to mention Germany. Germany offers better job opportunities to foreigners in almost every sector. Whether its management, engineering, agriculture, medical sector, or IT fields as far as you have the right qualifications and knowing how to speak German will give you more access to work due to fact that German is their official language. It has ranked steadily at the top of the list for years and it is no news that Germany currently has 1.2 million job vacancies. Asides from the low unemployment rate, the advantages of working in Germany include the provision of job security to hard-working employees, fewer working hours, affordable housing, entitlement to lost earnings, and a lot more.


Looking for another great country in Europe? Look out for Spain! Apart from its beauty and incredibly relaxing spots, Spain has a whole lot to offer such as reasonable living costs, great health care, a great automotive industry, and housing. Like every other country, you have to get your passport ready and all the necessary credentials before deciding to work in Spain. Fluency in Spanish will grant you more access to be employed in several business organizations.


One of the easiest countries to find a job in Europe is the Netherlands and that’s because its unemployment rate is about 2.98%. According to the World Economic Forum, Netherland tops the best place to earn a living. It’s really so fascinating in a country whose unemployment rate is quite low.
Asides from being fluent in Dutch, no worries, you can still get a job due to the fact that many international companies accept English speakers. There are a lot of advantages that come with working which include healthcare, car, work-life balance and it is a country that has one of the highest life expectancies.


When it comes to the most successful country in Europe, pick Norway! That’s because Norway has a thriving economy. If you choose to work there, you’ll be in good company and that is because it has the best work balance. What’s there not to love? From its rich economy to its advanced technology. The good news is that a lot of Norwegians speak English, so if you’re looking for a country in Europe to get a job in, Norway should be among your top pick considering that its unemployment rate is only 3.3%.


Considering a fat salary? Switzerland got you! Switzerland has the third-highest salary and job security in Europe which is why the unemployment rate is very low. It is a country to look out for when in search of job opportunities. Most jobs in Switzerland are often flexible and that’s because the country offers excellent balance with a healthy lifestyle.


France is one of the best European countries

A popular French proverb, ‘‘Qui n’ance pas, recule’’ is translated as ‘‘who does not move forward, recedes’’ meaning advancement. So is France, France never recedes. Although it’s one of the most popular countries in the world known for its great beauty and aesthetics. France might be the busiest country in the continent, but nevertheless, finding a job in France can be said to be easy, with the advent of the internet, job seekers have higher chances of coming across vacancies in firms and business places.

Networking has helped a lot of people in the world and with exquisite tourist centers in France it allows a wide range of people to come together in a particular location thus which serves as a great edge to job seekers. A point to note is people in France are hard workers, thus the industries and availability of jobs are strong as compared to other countries of the world. Lastly, finding a job in France not only boost your confidence and put a meal on your table but you get satisfaction in your career and it exposes you to a different aspect of life, plus you get to eat good meals and hear their beautiful accent daily. J’aime le francais .


Getting a job in Ireland is more stress-free than you probably thought. A lot of companies in Ireland embrace foreigners and one thing you need to know is that Ireland is very accessible whether you’re a student trying to balance school and work or a graduate trying to build a career, relax! Ireland is actually looking for workers. The country has made it easy for foreigners who want to work there temporarily so Ireland is a great pick if you’re anxiously in search of a job in Europe.


How cool would it be to work in Greece? I mean from working with very friendly people to eating delicious food and looking at beautiful island and its historical landmark. You’ll definitely fall in love with the people of Greece! Asides from the fun of living and working in Greece comes better opportunities which are there


Poland is actually one of Europe’s best. It is a large country endowed with a successful economic system. Asides from the cost of living which is shockingly low, Poland offers job employment to foreigners. Little wonder its unemployment rates fall at 3.04%. To be comfortable in a country like Poland, you have to work in order to enjoy the country. Speaking of co-workers, they are extremely passionate and always ready to help visitors. Working in Poland is much more affordable than in all of Western Europe.

Europe is one of the most powerful continents plus having the best countries have kept the name of being methodical in how they perform their duties to their various countries. Working in Europe is exciting and it comes with unique experiences. Working in Europe gives one the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of new cultures, new friends, new surroundings and in some cases a new you. The cost of living in Europe can be affordable and provides a means to enjoy your stay with various means of saving up. I will always recommend working in Europe to anyone, Anytime!

I would like to hear from you: What are your thoughts on this subject. You can share your thoughts and experiences with me and others in the comments section below!

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  1. I need to work in Norway or Switzerland. If any one can sponsoring me it will great help to me.I am looking for a Labor job ( as a factory worker)

  2. I would like to work in one of those countries, mostly Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, among others. If possible. I can do any job available. Am wafula Joseph from Uganda 🇺🇬.

  3. Good morning,

    Roger Katende is my name and a Ugandan by nationality. i would like to be connected to work in any country for as long as it’s in Europe. Please am ready for any housekeeping vacant or any waiter job..


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