Free Training

We offer a number of free trainings in collaboration with other organization to train migrants in certain relevant skills.

Free Training Includes


If you work in the food supply chain or thinking of working there, in accordance with the relevant legislation, you MUST have HACCP certification.
HACCP means Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points which from English to Italian can be translated into “risk analysis and critical control points”.
HACCP is a method of control aimed at protecting the healthiness of food and the health of the final consumer, by constantly monitoring the stages of food handling where there is a probable danger of contamination, be it biological, chemical or physical, based on the application of fundamental principles. In this course you will learn the principles of HACCP which are 7 and are as follows:

1. Hazard identification and risk analysis;
2. Identification of CCPs (critical control points);
3. Definition of critical limits;
4. Definition of monitoring procedures;
5. Definition and planning of corrective actions;
6. Definition of verification procedures;
7. Definition of registration procedures.

The total hours for this course is three hours



The Baker Course allows you to learn the profession and work as a baker in the commercial catering sector as an employee or autonomous form. The Baker Course will guide you to discover the secrets of white art and the techniques of bakery and baked goods. The total number of hours for this course is 6 hours


This refers to specialist training activities on the prevention of accidents, safety at work and health protection in living and working environments. The training activity is aimed at health and safety at work sector. The training offer is also modulated on the basis of the different types of risk at the work place. The total hour for this course is 4 hours.


Pan pizzas and focaccia are among the most delicious variants of pizza and lend themselves to many interpretations. It is distinguished by the preparation and cooking in round or metal trays that, unlike the cooking on the plate, allow making many variations.

Pan and focaccia pizza are also the most cooked at home for the ease with which they are produced and cooked. In this course, you will learn about the following:

• Recipes
• Preparation of dough with different yeasts
• preparation of baking trays and drafting
• methods of leavening and preservation
• seasoning pizzas
• Cooking
• Taste



This course will provide a complete guide to the correct and complete training for workers dedicated to the mechanical handling of loads using tools or machines. In this course, you will learn.

1. Overview of general legislation on health and safety at work with particular reference to the legal provisions on the use of work equipment
2. Types and characteristics of the various types of vehicles for internal transport: from manual pallet trucks to front counterweight forklifts
3. Main risks related to the use of self-propelled trolleys: load drop, overturning, tipping, bumps of people with the load or with moving components of the trolley, risks related to the environment
4. Control and safety devices: identification of control devices and their operation, identification of safety devices and their function
5. Checks and maintenance: daily and periodic checks (general status and test, uprights, equipment, driver’s seat, brakes, wheels and steering, battery or engine, safety devices
6. Illustration, following the instructions of use of the trolley, the various components and safety.

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